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Tuberculosis pulmonum et laryngis

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3. 3. » » et tubi int. c. Morbo Brigltfii.

Tuberculosis pulmon (Lungsot) Tuberculosis pulmonum. Skriv ut inlägg.

Klassifikation av sjukdomar m m 1968 Systematisk förteckning

1410. Aivokalvo- ja aivotuberkuloosi. Alii morbi sangvinis et systematis haematopoëtici. A155 Tuberculosis laryngis, tracheae et bronchi,per bacteriologiam et histologiam conTuberkuloza grkljana,dusnika i dusnice,potvrdena bakterioloski i histoloski A156 Pleuritis tuberculosa,per bacteriologiam et histologiam confirmata Tuberkulozno zapaljenje porebrice,potvrdeno bakterioloski i histoloski.

Tuberculosis pulmonum et laryngis

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Tuberculosis pulmonum et laryngis

et laryngis.

Tuberculosis pulmonum et laryngis

Jun 4, 2020 TB associated with HIV disease: Frequently atypical lesions or normal chest radiographic findings. Healed and latent TB: Dense pulmonary  pulmonary tuberculosis. The posterior part of the larynx was commonly involved and the lesions tended to be ulcerative and multiple.
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014 Malign tumör i larynx. 0 ET-. / o. 0. / o. 0. EI-. /o.

Tuber- Malign tumör i larynx. Tuberculosis pulmonum · Skriv ut inlägg. Pulmo/pulmones är latin och betyder lunga/lungor. Mats. 24 juni 2020 — förträngning, 47, atresia ani (1) atresia laryngis (1) atresia recti (1) förträngning av pulmonum et intestinalis (2) tuberculosis (4) tuberculosis  ¿/y. Yûfiû).
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The likely reason for this is the increased rate of early diagnosis and the early institution of thoracic surgery to obtain negative sputums. These 139 cases of laryngeal tuberculosis represent an incidence of 6.2 per cent. Tuberculosis pulmonum et laryngis: Close. Tracking cookie disclaimer We collect statistics with the aid of cookies.

». Tuberculosis.
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Klassifikation av sjukdomar m m Systematisk förteckning

1 stadiet ( 1 Tuberculosis laryngis .•..•••. 010X Primär tuberkulös infektion, ospecificerad.